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This website belongs to China Southern Airlines Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Southern Airlines Group”). Please read this statement carefully before using this website. Anyone who logs on this website in any way or uses the materials of this website directly or indirectly shall be deemed to be voluntarily bound by the statement of this website. If you have any objection to any content in this statement, please do not use this website.

1、 Scope of application

This legal statement is applicable to all contents under the domain name of the portal website of China Southern Airlines Group (i.e., “this website”) and the e-mail exchanges between users and this website.

2、 Restrictions on data use

All materials such as graphics, images, text and the programs stored in this website are protected by intellectual property law. Any part of the materials shall not be modified, copied, stored in the retrieval system, transmitted, plagiarized, distributed, abstracted, quoted, or used for any commercial or public purposes without prior written permission, otherwise you shall bear corresponding legal liabilities.

3、 Use of the website

  • (1) You can set up an account to visit the website through network service and use it on the premise of complying with this statement. You are responsible for all actions of this account, including those by others who may use your account with your permission.
  • (2) You agree that the personal data you provide are valid, complete and accurate, and should be updated in time in case of any change. If the information you provide is suspected to contain incorrect information, China Southern Airlines Group reserves the right to deny user’s use of this website.

4、 Disclaimer

  • (1) All information, pictures and charts in this website are for reference only. The profit and loss caused by the investor's business activities based on the information provided by this website has nothing to do with this website.
  • (2) China Southern Airlines Group assumes no responsibility for errors on this website due to unforeseen, inevitable, insurmountable and uncontrollable events (“force majeure events”), such as government ban, changes in relevant laws or regulations currently in force, fire, earthquakes, turmoil, wars, power failure, and interruption of communication lines, intentional damage by others, and improper use. We do not take any responsibility for all losses suffered by page visitors of this website as a result of the errors.
  • (3) If the service of this website is suspended due to circuit, hardware failure, system maintenance, system upgrade or other force majeure, this website shall not be responsible for any inconvenience and loss caused during the suspension period.
  • (4) China Southern Airlines Group has strived to be prudent in compiling the information contained in this website, but cannot guarantee the correctness, timeliness, integrity and reliability of any content on this website, as well as the results obtained by using such content.
  • (5) This website is not responsible for any personal data leakage, loss, theft or tampering caused by computer hacker attack, computer virus invasion, hardware damage and other force majeure that affect the normal operation of the network.

5、 Change

The company has the right to modify the content of this website and this statement at any time without prior notice.

6、 Website links

This website contains links to other websites that are not owned by China Southern Airlines Group. China Southern Airlines Group is not responsible for the contents of other websites, and does not assume any responsibility for users’ visit to and use of other websites through the links of this website. The links to other websites are only for the convenience of users and do not represent the recognition of China Southern Airlines Group on the contents of other websites.

7、 Applicable law and jurisdiction

This website and its terms of use shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. Any dispute about this website and its terms of use shall be under the jurisdiction of Guangzhou court.

8、 Others

This statement shall come into force on October 1, 2010. The right to amend and interpret this statement belongs to China Southern Airlines Group.

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