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To Start an Unforgettable Culinary Experience with China Southern Airlines

Chinas food culture is extensive and profound with a long and enduring heritage.
Food not only provides flavors to delight our taste buds but also represents the fusion of emotions and culture.
With the philosophy of “affinity and refinement”, Guangzhou Nanland Air Catering Company Limited (Nanland Air Catering) offers flavorful and meticulously prepared meals as well as excellent service, allowing passengers to not only conveniently fly to destinations worldwide and indulge in culinary delights but also experience the taste of home while soaring through the sky. Every in-flight meal, featuring China Southern Airlines unique characteristics, embodies our efforts to fulfill passengers wishes for exceptional air travel experiences.
As one of the largest air catering service companies in China’s civil aviation industry, Nanland Air Catering has 14 subsidiaries and 17 support bases. Currently, it has partnership with 45 international catering suppliers and 93 domestic catering suppliers, provides services to 32 domestic airlines and 23 international airlines, and serves customers worldwide.
Now join us to start an unforgettable culinary experience. The first stop is Guangzhou, where the headquarters of Nanland Air Catering is located and where we can experience the flavors of Cantonese cuisine. Known as one of China’s eight major cuisines, Cantonese cuisine enjoys a great reputation within the country and worldwide. Whether in restaurants in Guangzhou or Chinese restaurants worldwide, Cantonese cuisine is cherished as one of the most beloved culinary delights.
Cantonese cuisine is renowned in China and throughout the world for its unique cooking style and delicate, light flavors. Cantonese cuisine incorporates a diverse range of cooking techniques, including stewing, steaming, stir-frying, roasting, and braising. Each technique beautifully brings out the flavors and textures of the ingredients.
In Cantonese cuisine, the cutting technique is regarded as an art. It not only demands proficiency in handling the knife but also requires the food to be cut into visually appealing and uniformly sized shapes. The level of the cutting technique directly impacts the taste and visual appeal of dishes.
Proper control of cooking heat is a vital part of serving a delicious Cantonese dish. Different dishes require various levels of cooking heat. Excessive heat can result in tough and overcooked ingredients, while insufficient heat may not fully bring out the flavors of the ingredients. Hence, chefs must skillfully monitor and control the cooking heat to ensure the desired texture and flavor.
Steamed Shrimp Farce with Chicken Cantonese Style, a traditional famous dish from Guangdong, is characterized by the infusion of chicken juice into the mashed shrimp paste. The combination creates a delightful blend of flavors, with the upper layer being smooth and tender, while the lower layer being fresh and tender. When served, it is garnished with jasmine flowers.
Guangdong peoples passion for soup is visible. With the belief that soup is an indispensable part of a meal, they often prioritize a bowl of tasty soup over other dishes.
Cooking Cantonese soup requires patience and time, as slow stewing is considered as the best way to fully unlock the nutrients and fragrance of the ingredients.
Whether it is slow-simmered soup, clay pot soup, or sweet soup, they’re all made through meticulous stewing to create rich and flavorful broths that are truly satisfying.
Taking Double Boiled Pork and Stone Olives Soup as an example, stone olives are believed to have the effects of reducing inner heat and enhancing immunity. Stewing them together with fresh abalone further increases the nutritional value. The soup has a fresh and sweet taste without being greasy, producing a moisturizing and refreshing sensation.
Dim sum is a treasure of Cantonese culinary culture. It’s popular among people for delicate appearance and varied flavors. And its cooking requires rich experience and skills. For example, Above the Moon and Abalone Pastry, two treats offered by Nanland Air Catering, require multiple meticulous preparation steps to ensure the ultimate texture and flavor are at their best.
Dim sum is not only served as a part of regular meals but also an excellent choice for afternoon tea or late-night snacks. Whether in a family gathering or a banquet, dim sum never fails to bring delightful culinary enjoyment to peoples taste buds.

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